Rowdy on the Red Planet

As our intrepid players ventured forth from the bowels of [[The Wauxhall Institute | Wauxhall]], they were faced with a choice: which of the few flimsy leads they had should they follow?

As they headed in the direction of a shuttle that would allow them to descend the space elevator to Mars, Divinia protested loudly, clearly defining her utter disgust at the prospect of venturing forth on the disease-ridden planet. This disgust was soon replaced with another, however, when the girl from the naked deathmatch in the back of Eros introduced herself, having been drawn to Divinia's striking appearance. The girl, Content Not Found: torrent, was awkward and socially inept, but proudly invited Divinia and her friends to watch her compete in a Splat Fighting tournament on Elysium. As Torrent boisterously discussed her career plans (all the while repeatedly stealing glances at Terton), a stoic man resembling a sort of sexy George Washington sat near a large group of Direct Action mercenaries. 

When the group arrived on the elevator and awaited it's long descent to the Martian surface, they took the opportunity to explore the space elevator. "Susan" entertained herself by standing in total isolation and speaking loudly as though she were some variety of cool teen. The redheaded Torrent eventually emerged from an XP show only to be shockingly consumed in some freak flare up or particle effect, which must have startled her, for she left the area with haste. The group also acquired a number of items and many weapons. Divinia secured transport, arranging for the group to be taken to Ashoka by a taxi cab who found her social profile to be very intriguing. 

As the elevator docked on the surface, the team were greeted by their eager cab driver, Content Not Found: arion-movore. Arion eagerly listened to tales of the teams exploits as a travelling Gregorian Chant band, and Sunshine stunned him with a beautiful redition of Toh Asynchorito, a tranditional Gregorian hymn. Arion also shared tale of The Messenger, a Barsoomian courier who went on a murderous rampage after spending days in hiding inside The Martian Quarantine Zone.

Their cab took the lower entrance, leading them deep into the pit of the cylindrical city. There, they explored [[Parson's Bloc]], ground zero for the latest outbreak of the [A-0 Virus]. Though the area was quarantined off, Terton attempted to gain access by posing as the mother of a missing child from the area. She found common cause with a local, who had been giving an interview near the zone.  Ying Au, a deaf massage therapist at Solaria, returned home from his week-long shift at the resort to find his daughter missing. 

While Terton, Gene, Fred, and Divinia joined Ying as he ventured to Oyenya-II Medical Center to look for his daughter among the unidentified afflicted, "Susan" and Oslo (disguised cleverly as a Jansport backpack) gained access to the quarantine zone. "Susan" immediately made the acquaintance of Sexy George Washington, later identified as [[:raze-maessen | Raze Maessen]]. Raze was unfazed by "Susan"'s advances, though Oslo did take advantage of the distraction to scan Raze, which revealed a tie to Direct Action. "Susan", while she was unable to gain further access to the quarantine zone under Raze's close scrutiny, was able to convince the field team of medical staff and first responders that she was meant to assist them. She stole and hacked a Handheld EMR Device with local-mesh access to medical data regarding the victims of the A-0 virus, revealing the curious symptoms: auditory hallucinations, headaches, and hearing loss. Patients reported feeling 'called' to a point as of yet unidentified.

Back at O-II, Terton, Gene, and Fred helped Ying Au identify his comatose daughter. Gene further explored, gaining access to a research facility where he learned more about A-0 and possibly revealed that an exsurgent-similar virus was in development.

Divinia attempted to gain access to the elite resort Solaria, but was unable to surpass their strict security.

"Susan" and Oslo headed to O-II to meet up with the rest of the team when "Susan" overhead a woman loudly insisting to be discharged. This woman, [[:buzzkill | Adia Yo]], quickly trusted "Susan" with the you-would-think secret information that the A-0 outbreaks where orchestrated by a radical spinoff of the Barsoomian movement, Red Sun, to frame the hypercorps and engender support for their cause. 

Adia led the group to a bar in Parson's Bloc called Charybdis, where she introduced them to three other members of Red Sun: the snarky [[:tattershall | Tattershall], the quiet nurse Halo, and the imposing and easily amused Canon Jack. Adia, known here as Buzzkill, implored the team for their assistance infiltrating an abandoned facility near the edge of the MQZ.


Tannith Tannith

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