The team was listening to Red Sun's plan when suddenly many members received messages from Mnemonica to depart immediately. Fortunately, the Red Sun was very understanding that the team "had stuff to do," and would "totally meet y'all at the rendezvous point tomorrow." 

As soon as the team departed Charybdis, a team of Direct Action stormers raided the facility. Content Not Found: raze-maessen waited patiently outside as the mercenaries dragged unconscious Red Sun members outside before heading into the establishment himself. 

With Mnemonica's urging, the team summoned their cabbie friend Arion and brought "Susan" to a strange back alley shop where a silent figure stripped her of trackers Raze had placed during their brief moments together. 

Without so much as a moment to breathe, Mnemonica urged the team to depart Mars, claiming that Raze Maessen was intent on hunting them down. The team embarked onto a shuttle headed for Fresh Kills, where they would meet with Epiphany Holmstock, Jove's daughter. However, before the shuttle departed, all other passengers mysteriously got up and left the ship in unison. Trapped aboard a ship with no access to the pilot's cabin and only a hologram of Mnemonica to aid them, the team busied themselves with shooting snacks and being very bored.

Their running around was far from over, though, as Epiphany awaited their arrival at Fresh Kills. She quickly introduced herself before jumping into a scheme to acquire information that could be traded with The Intelligent Design Crew for information on her father's whereabouts. Epiphany had already traded in all of her g-rep to connect her father with Corrupt_Motoko in the first place, and needed more leverage to discover what might have happened to him. 

As a member of the WRECKlaimers, Epiphany frequently made crashing missions to Earth to recover artifacts, upload survivors, or put on a good show for her growing audience of XP addicts. Her usual team of seven aided her on this missions. Having lied to them that their upcoming mission would begin sooner than reality, Epiphany had freed up their morphs for the team to occupy, giving them access to the information on Earth and an alibi when The Planetary Consortium inevitably came calling. 

The team backed up, then (what seemed like moments later) resleeved. But rather than sleeving into the custom morphs Epiphany designed and built for her team, they were back in their usual bodies. It didn't take the team long to realize that they must have died back on Earth. With (again, seriously?) no time to wait, however, the adorable Pirate King escorted them to The Ex-Wife, a scum barge headed for Titan. The team would need to watch their XP broadcast in order to discover what truly had happened on Earth.


Tannith Tannith

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