Get WRECKed (II)

Epiphany and her team usually broke through the dense web of killsats surrounding Earth, but for this mission Epiphany decided to try an alternative approach: jury-rigging the Kilimanjaro Beanstalk. The team rode the Beanstalk down to Earth and were greeted by a horrifying sight: a dense, fleshy, living carpet that extended as far as the eye could see. The Uzumaki. As the shuttle stuck on the gooey Uzumaki trailing up the beanstalk, an Jelly squeezed its way into the cabin. Susnhine was able to best it, but not before Terton, in her enthusiasm, accidentally shot Sunshine instead of the point-blank target right in front of her.

After securing the shuttle from the fleshy carpet, the team proceeded onwards to Singapore, where Epiphany guided them not to their proposed target – a Khione facility where soon-to-thaw cryo sleepers needed uploading – but a mysterious building spotted by sleuths in a previous WRECKlaimers outing. Epiphany crashed the shuttle through the front of Allio, deploying a sealing foam to keep them from the elements (and TITANs) outside. 


As the team explored the main and second floors of Allio, they came upon a number of disturbing finds. In the Serturner Analgesic Laboratory, a TITAN Fractal hovered in a pristine room with an adult humans' remains.  

[to be continued]


Tannith Tannith

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