Suddenly "Susan"

Things were complicated, and I am unsure exactly what I am supposed to say to whom, so I will limit myself to the basic facts.

During the XP playback, Susan was abducted from our midst by representatives of a local Triad, Sun Yee On.  Susan contacted a subset of our group for immediate assistance: Sunshine, Terton, and me.  We managed to successfully breach her AI in order to locate her physical position inside the scum barge.  All of the sensory input that we received suggested that she had been abducted by Sun Yee On on behalf a local religious organization, the Church of Luminous Saints*.  With the aid of a artistically rendered, visually-rich map, we quickly devised a plan of attack.

We entered the scum barge proper and quickly stumbled across a trio of Sun Yee On members shaking down members of the local populace.  The one member of the Triad trio, identified as "the beefiest" of them, somehow got it into his mind that his companions were trying to kill him.  He pulled his pistol and began attempting to defend himself.  He was quickly dispatched by some sneak attacks, and his fashionable friend was gradually beaten to death to by Terton and Sunshine's combined, progressive assaults.  When Terton and Sunshine returned, the third Triad member was found to be dead.  It would appear that perhaps he cut himself badly while shaving.  

Sunshine disguised herself in the robe of one the Triad members while Terton and I navigated the HVAC units that took us above the main meeting room of the CLS stronghold.  The congregation below was preparing for a "charity potluck bingo night," according to the signage outside.  There were about 13-14 of the CLS members, along with 3 Triad members.  Telemetry data from Susan's AI suggested that she had been severely injured, and was in dire need of immediate medical assistance.

Terton and Oslo executed a swift initial assault from above, including the calculated and restrained use of overload grenades and the judicious application of hallucinatory drug-laced spray weapons.  After the initial moments of this shock and awe campaign, Sunshine kicked open the door cinematically and delivered a withering opening line:

"Just so there is no ambiguity about my purpose here, when you discuss it later, I am here to retrieve my small items and, if time and conditions permit, to rescue my friend and employer, Susan Jones, who you are currently holding captive in the back room."

The following moments were rather chaotic, including shredder blasts and six-nippled pig morphs.  Sunshine clotheslined an escaping nurse to death, crushing her trachea as she attempted to flee to safety.  Terton succumbed to a mindless, berserker rage, and killed a variety of people, both Triad and unarmed CLS members as well.  Susan repeatedly shivved a physician who was attending to her wounds and was helping her to escape.  The majority of the CLS congregation was found to have mysteriously died in a series of bizarre shaving accidents.

With Susan stabilized, and her khakis safely returned, the four of us have rejoined the group in the XP playback.  I cannot speak for the others, but I found no time to bathe before returning to the larger group.


- written by Oslo Menlo


Tannith Tannith

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