A mysterious Firewall proxy


The Story So Far

The players initially met Mnemonica on Eros, where her feats of strength reveals her to be the Firewall agent Tanaka told them to find. She psychosurgically implanted a sexual memory in "Susan"’s mind, creating a seemingly permanent bond between the two.

Mnemonica later became the team’s primary Proxy, leaving them unsupervised and unaided while they explored Ashoka before kidnapping the team to Fresh Kills to join Epiphany as she returned to Earth to earn leverage in her discussion with the ID Crew.

After the team recovered from their terrestrial deaths and fled Fresh Kills on the Ex-Wife, a series of debriefs with a pair of Firewall crows suggested that Mnemonica may have gone rogue from the agency, fabricating missions in order to secure the help of a team of new, untrained sentinels for reasons as of yet unknown.

Known Associates



  • Mnemonica was created, at least in part, by Dr. Jove
  • Mnemonica is an AGI and a tenured, trusted member of Firewall

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