Dr. Patrick Jove, III

An eccentric Cognite scientist secretly working for Firewall


The Story So Far…

Jove’s lab at the Wauxhall Institute on Phobos had evidence that Jove worked with Corrupt_Motoko of the the Intelligent Design Crew to smuggle his to an unknown location.

Epiphany, Jove’s daughter, has a close relationship with her father. However, for his safety, she was not made aware of his destination. She used all of her criminal rep to get Jove in contact with the ID Crew in the first place, and needed the help of the players in order to earn enough goodwill to convince the ID Crew to divulge Jove’s destination.

The ID Crew revealed they smuggled Jove to Titan, leaving him to meet someone going by the name Content Not Found: neon-ronin.

During "Susan"’s close encounter with The Church of Luminous Saints, we learned that it appears that CLS has captured Jove and is in the process of indoctrinating him to their purpose.



Dr. Patrick Jove, III

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