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  • A-0 Virus


    • Headaches
    • Auditory hallucinations - typically described as being 'called' to an unspecified place
    • Loss of hearing
    • Vertigo
    • Syncope

    Prognosis …

  • New Dazhai

    The site of the second outbreak of the [[A-0 Virus]].

    [[:soni-buchkina | Soni Buchkina]], a survivor of the New Dazhai outbreak with uncommonly permanent symptoms, can be found at [[Oyenya-II Medical Center]] in [[Ashoka]].

  • Ashoka

    Ashoka is a place of torn loyalties. It is the heart of the Barsoomian Movement, a major hub for hypercorporations like Fa-Jing, one of the cities that comprises the Tharsis league, and home to one of the most sought-out glitterati retreats.

  • Oyenya-II Medical Center

    Oyenya-II Medical Center is one of the largest medical centers on Mars and a bastion of advanced healthcare. So far, it has been responsible for the care for many of the victims of the most recent outbreak of what has become known as A-0 due …