Allio is a seemingly abandoned pharmaceutical research facility in Singapore on Earth.

The Story So Far…

  • In SESSION_003 and SESSION_004, Epiphany and the group conducted a scav mission to Allio while disguised as members of The WRECKlaimers.
  • Upon arrival, the team was greeted with an abandoned facility, a broken elevator, and well-tended plants.
  • The first two floors of Allio held evidence of human remains: and adult curled around a child buried in cushions in the auditorium and the clean remains of another adult in a barricaded lab. Investigation showed that these humans died recently, well after the Fall.
  • Susan discovered evidence that Tommasin Brandy, ruthless CEO of Omnicorp may have been or still be an agent of the TITANs.
  • After repairing the elevator, the team was able to gain access to secret lower level where a could dozen scientists were research a captive Factor
  • Furies protecting the scientists knew Epiphany and shot her on sight. 
  • The scientists repeatedly mentioned Ozma.
  • This research facility was connected to a larger base a couple of miles away. 
  • The facility was likely destroyed when the Kilimanjaro Beanstalk came down. 

A map of Allio is available in the Maps tab.

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