Ashoka is a place of torn loyalties. It is the heart of the Barsoomian Movement, a major hub for hypercorporations like Fa-Jing, one of the cities that comprises the Tharsis league, and home to one of the most sought-out glitterati retreats.

People Encountered Here At One Point

  • Ying Au - the distraught father of a (formerly) missing girl
  • Adia Yo – aka Buzzkill, a member of Red Sun
  • Tattershall – another Red Sun member
  • Halo – an O2 nurse working with Red Sun
  • Canon Jack – the burliest of the Red Sun members
  • [[:raze-maessen | Raze Maessen]] – a ruthless Direct Action observer
  • Content Not Found: liam-southbridge – the wealth and spoiled son of Cognite executive Marshall Southbridge

Places of Interest

Pathfinder & Sojourner Historical Site

  • See history come to life!
  • Pathfinder and Sojourney have new and improved AIs! 25% less accidental gouging!

Oyenya-II Medical Center

  • The largest medical center in the region
  • Where many of the A-0 Virus victims came for treatment

[[Parson's Bloc]]

  • Ground zero for the third A-0 Virus outbreak


  • An exclusive resort catering to the elites
  • Appointment only
  • Seriously, appointment only

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