One of the stalwart hypercorps and a member of the Planetary Consortium, Cognite is known system-wide for its research into the transhuman mind.

Known Locations

  • The Wauxhall Institute (Phobos)

Known Members

  • Dr. Eloise Martin
  • Dr. Patrick Jove


Jove's Research: Exsurgent Virus?

  • Dr. Jove worked on what appears to be a modified strain of the exsurgent virus
  • Fatal to at least some mammals
  • Visual similarities to TITAN AI-born nanobot swarms

Eloise Martin: Uplifts & Morph Development

  • Eloise Martin has a large lab dedicated to studying uplifts in some capacity
  • Researchers were guiding uplifts through exercises, the uplifts appeared to be under duress
  • Eloise and Jove had a falling out – possibly due to the nature of Eloise's research
  • Eloise describes Jove's views on Eloise's research as 'conservative'

Shady Finances

  • 'Susan' found evidence of a lot of money coming into Wauxhall Institute that was being laundered to some extent
  • She also discovered Cognite has been pouring an historically disproportionate amount of money into The Regi Thoni Research Facility that houses both Jove and Eloise's labs.

Barsoomian Conflict

  • It's no secret that Hypercorps like Cognite have a long-standing and occasionally deadly feud with the Martian-born Barsoomian Movement
  • Recent rumors show Cognite may have been preparing to act against the Movement


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