The Story So Far…

  • Mnemonica mentioned that Jove was expected to arrive at Markov on March 24 but never did
  • Fragment of intercepted black box recording aboard the shuttle.  Audio quality is somewhat degraded, resulting in the loss of significant portions of the conversation:


    [unknown subject] "…really offered in comparison to not being killed by assassin hit squads, but then she mentioned Markov, which piqued my curiosity.

    Markov is a secret research base outside of Pluto.  Most people do not believe it exists, or else that it is a theory of conspiracy fanatics, but I believe it is plausible.

    What remains unknown is who controls it.  There are too many competing theories to be sure.  I have seen evidence to suggest that it could be controlled by the Factors, TITANS, argonaut cultists, Firewall, and so on. Most interesting I think are the rumors that it is run by the remnants of the Jason program, which is why I found Mnemonica's casual mention of Markov and Jove's Jasonite background so curious."


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