The Church of Luminous Saints

The Church of Luminous Saints (CLS) is a growing post-Fall religion. 


  • The Fall killed all of transhumanity. The world we now inhabit is actually heaven, but a corrupted one.
  • Nonhuman beings such as artificial intelligences, uplifts, and aliens are unworthy of the glory of heaven
  • Heaven can only be restored to its true glory if all nonbelievers are converted or purged
  • CLS members worship a being named Moab – described at times as an angel or a god
  • The church's founder, Rice Warhol, claims he received divine writ from Moab guiding him
  • Members undergo a conversion process where they take on "blessings" inspired by the Seven Divine Virtues (plus Wrath)
  • Higher members are frequently accompanied by a cherub – a modified marmoset – pink, naked, with blonde hair that flies near the member's shoulder, protecting and monitoring them

The Story So Far…

  • Oslo believes that the Church of Luminous Saints has captured [[:patrick-jove | Dr. Jove]]
  • Firewall believes Moab could be a TITAN or created by the TITANs

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