The Wauxhall Institute



The Wauxhall Institue has been  Cognite's largest, most well-known, and most public research facility since well before the Fall. It is rumoured that some of the research that eventually became the TITANs was performed here, and the dramatic failure that was the Lost Generation also calls Wauxhall home.

To the public, the Wauxhall Institute is an academic instution and research facility largely focused on advancing transhumanism.

Wauxhall's defense consists largely of Direct Action mercenaries, and the Institute houses a number of other major Hypercorp offices within its walls including Skinaesthesia, Experia, Comet Express, Exotech, Ecologene, and TerraGenesis.

The Wauxhall grew gradually over time and as such has architecture hailing from many styles, schools, and trends in a campus that covers a large swath of the Martian moon Phobos.

Places of Interest

Wauxhall Welcome Center

The Welcome Center is a large and inviting atrium where visitors first enter The Institute. 

Regi Thoni Research Center

Home to The Institute's advanced research center and [[:patrick-jove | Dr. Jove's]] [[Jove's Lab | lab]], the Regi Thoni Research Center is typically guarded by Direct Action's mercenaries.

Isar Socio-Psychology Center

The "liberal arts" wing of the Institute, Isar hosts classes on everything from uplift history to transhuman psycho-sexuality in the outer system

Skinaesthesia Morphological College & Research Center

What started out as a small addition onto the Regi Thoni Research Center became a hall in its own right after Skinaesthetia made a substation donation. [[:eloise-martin | Dr. Eloise Martin]] is one of the most tenured faculty on staff here, and his [[Eloise's Lab | lab]] is the most competitive for research assistants.

Hayden Aerospace Hall

Hayden is home to the Institutes active and historic fleet of smaller spacefaring vessels, and houses the Comet Express Phobos branch.

Boone Com Terran Historical Preservation Society

Dedicated to preserving Pre-Fall Earth history, this small but ever-growing museum houses a number of well-preservered Earth artifacts. 

President's Row

This largely symbolic row of administrative buildings and offices houses the public-facing adminsitrative staff of the Wauxhall Institute as well as a recently established, above-board branch of the Pax Familae, who provide accounting services for the Institute.

Lesser Buildings

  • Red Planet Psychosurgery Specialization Center
  • TerraGenesis College of Environmental Sciences
  • Di-Yu Center for the Fine Arts
  • Brenni Field
  • Jata Hana Sharra Auditorium
  • Paragon Digital Library
  • Douglas Instruments School of Architecture
  • Fresco Niche Cafetorium
  • Elmer Wash Residential Hall

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