The WRECKlaimers

The WRECKlaimers are a group of scavvers who conduct crashing missions to Earth for fame and profit. They are led and founded by [[:epiphany-holmstock | Epiphany Holmstock]] and based out of Fresh Kills.

Known Members

  • Epiphany Holmstock – leader and captain
  • Marth "Odin" Eshingham – pilot
  • Diego "Blitz" Cadeno – recon scount & sniper
  • Quinns "Frogger" Erikson – forward scout
  • Mal "Gorgeous" Gulsvig – the muscle
  • Nadia "Null" Watanabe – hacking & interfacing
  • Veronica "Geneva" Stasny – medic
  • Bianca "Chrome" Oni – archeologist

The Story So Far…

  • In SESSION_003 and SESSION_004, the team impersonated members of The WRECKlaimers in order to assist Epiphany on a mission to Earth
  • They're probably all dead

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