Population: 60 Million


  • Self-sufficient due to access to Saturn's resources
  • Creates more morphs than any other economy
  • A Body for Every Mind Law dictates that morphs must be offered to every citizen of Titan, making it a popular destination for infugees
  • All citizens must undergo mandatory 3 year civil or military service
  • Titan has methane seas and orange skies
  • Many buildings on Titan are blue to contrast its environment
  • The cusp between the Inner System and the Outer System – where the two meet to trade

Places of Interest

The Large Collider

  • The largest particle accelerator ever made
  • Floats in the atmosphere above Titan


  • One of the largest cities on Titan with a population of 5 million
  • Near the Ontario Lacus methane sea
  • Academic focus – home to the TAU (Titan Academic University)


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