Exsurgent Virus

The Exsurgent Virus is a vector-independent virus that easily passes between digital and biological routes. It can manifest in a harrowing number of ways, from the flesh-carpet Uzumaki to otherwise normal-seeming carriers. 

The Exsurgent Virus is typically closely linked with the TITANs, and most experts believe that the TITANs developed this advanced affliction to easily cull transhumanity.

Players encountering Exsurgents may face 1d10+3 stress.



  • Fuzzily defined amorphous swarms of black bubbles


  • Squishy mucus-filled bubbles that can squeeze through small spaces, jellies have a number of limbs that resemble long, meaty tongues covered in hard spikes.
  • Toxic and slightly corrosive.
  • Suffer no damage from kinetic weapon and blade attacks.


  • Shapeshifting synthmorphs 
  • Appear normal, but can manipulate their entire bodies into new forms, including weapons


  • ​​​​​​​A fused form of partially dissolved flesh of multiple bodies
  • Resembles a slimy carpet made of flesh
  • Can span massive areas
  • Players must make a WIL*2 check or suffer 1d10+3 mental stress.


Exsurgent Virus

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