10 years ago, the TITANs – a military seed AI – became self-aware. After carefully monitoring transhumanity for a couple of days, they began an assault that would destroy 90% of transhuman life and leave Earth permanently uninhabitable. 

For unknown reasons, the TITANs disappeared as suddenly as they appeared, leaving transhumanity in a permanent state of Paranoia. 

Some TITAN remnants remain on Earth, the Martian Quarantine Zone, and the Lunar Quarantine Zone. Every now and then, a rogue explorer or small community will encounter TITAN technology – and usually be wiped out. 

Owning TITAN technology is strictly forbidden in all but the most anarchistic communities, and accusing figures of being TITAN agents or TITAN sleepers is an easy way to ruin a career.

The relationship between the TITANs and the Exsurgent Virus is not clearly defined, but most experts believe that the Exsurgent Virus was created by the TITANs as an efficient means of culling the transhuman population. The Exsurgent Virus is not restricted to any vector – it can hop between biological and digital with ease. Even one ego exposed to the Exsurgent Virus can bring down entire colonies.

TITAN Machines

Titan Fractals

  • A deceptively destructive bush-shaped robot capable of dismantling and reassembling components at the molecular level.
  • Non-area of effect and non-spray weapons do 10%.
  • Area of effect and spray weapons do 50% damage.


  • Multi-legged insectoid flying drones with dragonfly wings to hover and move.
  • Legs have grasping claws and buzzsaws.

Self-Replicating Nanoswarms

  • Autonomous, sapient, self-replicating nanotechnology that is highly adaptive to any task.
  • Some nanofabrication capability.
  • Learns from attacks to resist them in the future.
  • Can link together to create large-scale physical forms.
  • Any morph that comes into contact with a nanoplague is infected
  • Impossible to destroy

Basilisk Hacks

Most transhumans choose not to accept that Basilisk Hacks exist, but this special TITAN affliction can easily override sensory input, causing any number of hallucinations.

Players facing a Basilisk Hack must make a COG+INT+SAV check. Upon failure, the hack takes effect, causing 1d10 stress and one other effect (determined by the GM).


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